Products and Services

MDC EHR is the solution to healthcare needs. It not only provides effective practice management but also provides comprehensive industry standards and consent.

· Effective administration
· Efficient billing
·    Remote Assistance
·    Patient Liaison
·    e-prescribing
·    Scheduling
·    Communication


MDC EHR is accoutered with tools and means for secure access based on user authentication. It can provide access and control over it to application based upon business needs.

·    Security features
·    User authentication
·    Custom permissions
·    Logging
·    Unattended automatic backups
·    Legal protection


Doctor’s office management administers with document management, scanning documents in applications and assists with billing and office practices.
·    Billing
·    Support for International Cl assification of Diseases
·    Superbill desktop User interface
·    Document management
·    Bulk scanning of old records
·    Selective scanning of old records
·    Paper charting
·    Secure sharing of all documents within an office location or across locations
·    Organized document storage
·    Provider quick signing of documents
·    Complete integration with fax and printer, digital camera and numerous medical devices
·    Scheduling
·    Managing across offices
·    Managing multiple providers
·    Easy appointment search
·    Dynamic updating
·    Communications
·    Message prioritizing
·    Patient demographics
·    Transcriptions


Being part of the latest medical billing, teaching staff effective medical codes and knowing federal and state laws regarding billing and insurance practices.
·    Forms and templates
·    Form creation
·    Patient handouts
·    Form sharing
·    Template creation
·    Prescription writing
·    Prescription favorites list
·    One-click refills
·    One-click faxing to pharmacies
·    Histories
·    One-click complete review
·    Automatic staff updating
·    Messaging
·    Message to front desk, to other staff or to oneself
·    Labs and tests
·    Multi format import
·    Reminder Calls to All Patients 24 Hours Prior to Appointment Time
·    Avoid No Show Patients
·    Make the Best of your time when in office
·    Avoid loss of money for no show patients

Document Generator

·    Electronic Formats
·    Customize your Own Template
·    Generate PDF Files
·    Take Prints
·    Ability to Show anywhere in EMR
·    No Papers Required to Gather Patient History