Am I eligible to receive MU Incentives if I use MyDoctorsChart?

Yes, you are. MyDoctorsChart is an ONC-ATB Certified which makes us qualified for MU Incentives. Our staff trains the clients for better customer service and help them whenever required. To get the incentives, you need just three things:

  • Be eligible (e.g., take care of patients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance ).
  • Use a certified EHR in a “meaningful way.” (MyDoctorsChart is an ONC-ATCB certified as a complete EHR by Drummond Group Inc.);
  • Understand what “meaningful use” means, and document encounters in a manner that meets these government requirements (again, our integrated Meaningful Use Support Services will train and guide you.)
Do I require to install MyDoctorsChart on my computer? How Would I work with it?

It is a web based service hence, there is no need for installation. All you need is an internet service. It’s secure. You signup an email and get yourself logged in MyDoctorscharts account.

I want to watch a video tutorial for MyDoctorsChart.
Would I get detailed demonstration prior to joining your setup?

Yes, our staff is always present to support you. They will demonstrate EHR whenever you require it. Your queries will be answered by our specially designed webinar.

Do you have a Mac or Linux version? Which Operating System does MyDoctorsChart support?

MyDoctorsChart supports Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux. You only need an internet connection on any operating system to get it working.

Can I access my records from home?

Yes, anywhere you have the internet access, you have the access to your records.



What is the cost I will have to pay to sign up with MyDoctorsChart?

Signing up requires initial fee of $1,000 and 4% billing amount of practice if it’s above $30K and 5% for less than $30K. Service fee is less than execution of your own medical billing. (According to the American Medical Association, an average physician’s practice with in-house medical billing spends 10% of its $300,000 income on billing related expenses. MyDoctorsChart’s 5% medical billing can save your practice up to $18,000 annually!) No monthly charges for initial six months, afterwards, minimal monthly cost of $299 shall be charged for the usage of third party software like eRx and Patient Education. The EHR is 100% free of cost.

Are there any other hidden costs that MyDoctorsChart would charge as other EHR Providers do?

No. All the charges are mentioned above. They include ePrescribing with drug/drug and drug/allergy interactions, scheduling, intra-office messaging, user-friendly documentation, templates, reporting functionality, and nearly everything else you can think of.



How are you able to provide your Medical Billing Service at such competitive rates?

We cut costs and maximize the efficiency of our services. Our state-of-the-art proprietary software tracks each and every claim through the entire billing process, thus reducing the cost of overlooked claims. We also use cutting edge technology, such as high-speed scanners, that allow us to receive billing information from our physicians without having any of the billing documentation ever leave their offices.

What services do you provide?

The following state-of-the-art services are included in 5% Premium Plan:
  1. Free Electronic Health Records (EHR) software
  2. Real-time financial reporting
  3. Accurate electronic claims submission and tracking
  4. Daily billing and follow-up
  5. Quick turnaround on payments
  6. Claims re-submission for finding lost dollars
How are you able to provide your Medical Billing Service at such competitive rates?

We cut costs and maximize the efficiency of our services. Our state-of-the-art proprietary software tracks each and every claim through the entire billing process, thus reducing the cost of overlooked claims. We also use cutting edge technology, such as high-speed scanners, that allow us to receive billing information from our physicians without having any of the billing documentation ever leave their offices.

What services do you provide?

Our online services include:
  • Secure Web-login
  • Web accessible patient information
  • Online Documentation for Patients Charts
  • Client Support Services
  • Meaningful Use Training Sessions
Other great value-added features include:
  • User-friendly scheduler to manage your time and appointments online.
  • Fax, email, scan option given in the EHR, making it easy for the doctor to communicate information.
  • Provide customized transaction receipts for funds collected in the office, while helping reduce patient billing.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Use of denial and rejection management module to maintain the claims before submission.

The ERA notifies you for your payments, simplifies identification of EOBs or checks misplaced in the pipeline. You can claim secondary insurances and re-fill denied claims too as EFT provides secure and effective payments and its collection.

What services are included in the 5% fee plan?

It includes Online Patient Benefit Verification, that is used by doctors in order to eliminate rejected claims. The Online Eligibility Verification system informs you if your patient is covered for the date of service. Eligibility is also available in real-time so to confirm patient’s insurance. Either way, you save on the several weeks it would have taken for the claim to run its natural course. Physicians who opt for the 5% plan also receive a toll-free number for the Patient Help Desk.

What are the benefits of using an EHR?

A fully functioning EHR costs $25,000, but MyDoctorsChart offers a free EHR, inclusive of the features available in expensive systems, free of charge-no strings attached-to any practicing physician. Physicians who use MyDoctorsChart’s integrated EHR fully incorporate all of MYDC’s billing, transcription, and practice management solutions into one cohesive package. The services available in MYDC’s billing plans, including 5% Medical Billing, 4¢ Medical Transcription, and now a free EHR, complement one another as a complete practice management solution. Our EHR includes modules for automated billing, scheduling, claims tracking, document management, fax functionality, prescription management, template modules and electronic encounter documentation with complete HL7 (Health Level 7) security compatibility. The EHR creates a comprehensive package and is available to any practicing physician.

What medical specialties do you handle?

We provide medical billing services for countless medical specialties, including Allergy, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Long-Term Care, Mental & Behavioral Health / Psychology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Occ Med/Physiatry/Pain Mgmt, Oncology – Medical/Hematology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Physical Therapy, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, Surgery & Surgical Specialties, Urgent Care, Urology

How would I send my billing information to you?

Using any of our convenient methods, you get the information. Effective way is to export data using EHR. There are several ways that a physician can send billing information to our office. The most efficient way is to export the data using our EHR. We electronically send you the information which helps the effort put in paper work. Another method is a high-speed duplex scanner, which scans the work to our servers where it enters our processing stream.

How does MyDoctorsChart communicate with its clients?

Communication between MyDoctorsChart and its clients is of primary importance. Once you sign up, each physician receives an e-mail address and secure web-login through www.mydoctorschart.com to send and receive messages between MyDoctorsChart’s billing staff and the physician’s office. Our Customer Support staff is also available at 1.501. 588-0498 .MyDoctorsChart’s support team answers questions and ensure satisfaction while our Patient Help Desk is available to handle patient inquiries about bills they receive.

How does MydoctorsChart file claims?

Contrary to paper claim submission which takes 90-120 days, standard electronic claims filing allows reimbursement from the insurance companies within 7-21 days. Physicians who use all of our integrated services to their fullest capabilities receive payments in as little as 3-5 days. This feature is included in our Standard and Premium medical billing agreements and includes EHR, eligibility verification, ERA and EFT.

Are there any extra charges for electronic transmission of claims to the clearinghouse?

No! There are no extra charges for electronic transmission of claims to the clearinghouse. In fact, there are no extra charges for any of MyDoctorsChart’s services.

Where will the insurance companies send the payments?

All checks and EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) will be sent directly to your office. Since most insurance companies offer Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), electronic versions of the EOBs, and electronic funds transfer (EFT), physicians can receive electronic EOBs and payments far quicker than the standard paper delivery. This also allows MyDoctorsChart to receive electronic notification of payments through ERA, making the follow-up process efficient and speedy. For physical copies, you keep the checks and send us scanned copies of the EOBs, so that we can perform effective follow-up.

Do you follow-up on unpaid claims?

Yes. Unless the non-payment is for a valid reason, such as a deductible, capitation, no coverage, or duplicate invoice, we reprocess the claim with any needed additional information. If the additional information is not available at MyDoctorsChart, we will contact your office for the information. We then follow up with an appeal if the claim remains unpaid.

What is “soft collection” service?

We perform follow-up on patient bills by sending a series (up to 3) of collection letters to patients, requesting payment of the past due amount.

How long is the set-up process?

We can start the setup process immediately upon the signing of the contract which is a 3-7 days process. We can give you a more accurate estimate after reviewing your individual practice.

Is there any setup fee?

Under the Premium and Standard Plans, there is a one-time setup fee of only $1,000. In order for us to process your claims effectively and efficiently, we go through a very laborious and time-consuming setup process. This process includes entering all your patient data into our system, creating customized forms, setting up your account with our clearinghouse as well as assisting you to install your high-speed Duplex Scanner. It is important to note that we do not charge you any hidden fee for click charges, postage, business reply mail, etc. You pay only the initial setup fee and 5% of the collected amount.

Where can patients call for billing questions/inquiries?

Ensuring that your patients are satisfied with the billing process is extremely important for MyDoctorsChart. We have specially trained service representatives at our Patient Help Desk to respond in a courteous and professional manner to patient-billing questions. Under our Premium Plan, patients have access to a toll-free number for their queries.

Will I be asked to pay any other costs or charges?

No, unlike other billing companies, we do not charge you any additional fee for click charges, postage costs, forms, business reply mail, etc. All of these costs are included in the 5% monthly fee. Our goal is to keep it simple-you pay only the agreed amount.

What if there is any information missing from the scanned work that I send to your office?

Forms with missing information are uploaded in a Pending Transactions List (PTL), which you may access by your secure web login. When you log in to your account, you will be able to review and update all the missing information online, which is instantly imported into our system, avoiding any delays in filing your claims. Conversely, in order to positively reinforce a job well done, we have formulated a rating system by which to select and show our appreciation to the offices that prove to be most efficient in uploading their daily work to MYDC.

Are there any System Requirements to use your billing services?

Yes, you will need a high-speed, Duplex Scanner to upload your Bills and EOBs, and an Internet connection to upload your data to us.

What is Capitation payment?

“Capitation” is a set amount paid for each enrolled person assigned to healthcare service providers (physicians), whether or not that person seeks care, per period of time.

How is it posted in case of a missing check?

If the check is not received till the 23rd of a particular month, the authorized person will communicate (through SSC or call) to get the details.

How is it treated if the check is not received by the end of the month?

In case the check is not received by the end of the month, an estimated amount will be posted depending upon the previous month’s check.

What happens once the check is received later on?

If a check is received later on, adjustment in the covered amount will be made.

What are the sources of payment posting other than EOB/ERA?

We post payments from insurance calls, websites and IVR (Interactive Voice Response), in addition to EOB/ERA.

Are you posting the online EOBs the same day?

Yes, online EOBs found on the websites of different insurances are posted the same day.

What is the necessary information required to post the claims?

The claims shall be posted conditional to the following details: ICN, check date, check #, paid amount, patient responsibility, representative’s name, reference #, and request for a duplicate policy.

Once the primary insurance has paid, can I submit claims to secondary insurance with different billing physicians?

No, you cannot submit the same claim with different billing physicians. Once the claim is submitted to primary insurance with one billing physician, the same will be forwarded to secondary insurance irrespective of whether it is contracted with that insurance or not.

When can I change the billing physician at the latest?

You can make any changes to the billing physician before submission of the claim to primary insurance.