Web Based EHR

One of the focused features in the up-coming health care technology is the need to connect everyone together in a seamless but also secure and private manner. According to the survey report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 41% of the 55% of office-based physicians using EHR are now diverted to Web-based EHR system. Web-based EHRs are attaining dominance over EHR software as providers get free from the hassles of managing additional staff besides paying for the EHR systems.

Based on the facts that a web based EHR is more comprehensive and user friendly, MyDoctorsChart offers its web based electronic health record system free of cost for ambulatory practices. Its design and software provide state-of-the-art solutions for a secure and integrated web-based application and is designed and updated under the supervision and guidance of a practicing physician that encompasses specific needs of the providers.

Moving to a web-based EHR offloads the responsibilities of maintaining those systems and the loss of revenue. There’s no hassle of software installation, managing updates or about the maintenance of hardware. The access of data is given with few clicks instantly and provides the whole information and updates right on the dash board and physician finds it easy managing both the practice and the patients.

Following are the important features being offered by MyDoctorsChart;

There are multiple factors that lead providers to choose web-based electronic health record system, e.g. web-based portals are secure and therefore there is no threat of data loss or hacking. Besides the availability of data round the clock anywhere, the encryption solutions keep the data transfer safe and protected. The data access is easy for both the patients and the provider. They just need to have an Internet access and can login and sign charts from home, track updates or access patient lab results even while traveling.

It is, therefore, more economical for the providers to get started with a web based electronic health records like MyDoctorsChart. The work flow can simply be divided between front desk for scheduling and appointments, and the rest with Nurse Practitioner and the provider for a small practice. With every invention, it has been difficult for people to easily accept its adoption, but slowly and gradually people start realizing the vast positive effects and suppleness that result into smooth work-flow of the practice. Those who adopt the right EHR and vendor start reaping the fruits with operational, clinical and administrative work smoothness.