Free EHR

US government has decided to spend an enormous amount on Electronic Health Record system as a part of the monitory incentive package. The goal of this spending is to get roughly 100,000 hospitals and Private practices using an integrated electronic health records system by the year 2014. The need arose due to frequent medical record errors that happened because of the absence of medical record standardization. Medical records are usually hand written and a minor error may turn out to be imprecise and can have grave consequences.

On contrary, physicians are well aware of today’s competitive economical challenges. Keeping a track of hundreds of patients, referrals and to schedule a new patient appointment is a gigantic assignment. FREE electronic health record facilitates a physician not only for organizing his daily tasks but also in expanding his practice, working efficiently and accurately.

MyDoctorsChart is one of the EHRs that offers free electronic health record system. It is reasonably priced with no hidden charges i.e. (no hardware / software upgrade costs). A physician needs to have internet access and a computer system that enables free access to all patient charts and information. MyDoctorsChart provides a complete free EHR system besides medical billing and transcription services. In the adaptation of other commercial EHRs, mostly the drawback is their massive cost charged by the vendor. MyDoctorsChart is designed by a group of practicing physicians, who emphasize in making cost cutting and user friendly web application.

The client can access data anywhere with a simple login; whether it’s from office, home, hospital, or through a mobile device offering complete features like;

Following are the important features being offered by MyDoctorsChart:

Likewise, a physician enjoys complete data security, reliable prescription module, automated verification and billing efficiency. With free EHR being offered by MyDoctorsChart, physicians get a chance to improve patient care and streamline their practice. It provides them all features that are required to ensure their practice to be profitable and secure. Just sign up and get connected.