Dr. Sonya Peppers

I’m Sonya Peppers, practicing in Comprehensive Care Clinic at Sherwood Arkansas. I started using MyDoctorsChart as an EHR in 2011 and it has amazingly saved my time.

The biggest barrier in quality health care is the extended hours; physicians spend with patients and still over look some elements. EHR no doubt increases care when you have the whole patient record in your access whenever and wherever you require it.

Sometimes we forget the previous blood pressure or temperature records but since I started using MyDoctorsChart; I can always have all details of each visit through vital signs. Charting has become very standardized. With adequate patient data available, and good reporting system, a doctor can give quality time to patients increasing good relationships; at the same time patients can also have access to their health record through patient health portal. This saves my time as I receive less calls by the patients.

MyDoctorsChart made my practice more efficient and helped us tremendously as its very user friendly. There are certain features that I really liked about MyDoctorsChart like reporting part of it, most of the things are on the tips now. Electronic Prescription, allergy record, patient problem list, social history, inter office communication through users tasks, inbuilt fax and email system etc. Also each account is under provider’s control, I can give access to the patient data as per staff requirement yet everyone in the office uses EHR, but information remains confidential.

Patient Billing and transcription are much easier to understand. We are not following 30 day billing cycle and it’s being done same day with MyDoctorsChart. I feel very comfortable after adopting this EHR.