Dr. Muhammad Zulqarnain

I’m Dr. Zulqarnain, dealing with specialties of Pain management and Anesthesiology. Since 1991 I started practicing as a physician. I adopted EHR when I joined United Pain Care in the year 2010.

Previously when I had a paper based system, mostly the problem I used to face was, handling patients charts, my office used to be full of charts. I had hired additional staff to manage that still sometimes this data used to get damaged or when I required the data in emergency, the data was not as quickly accessible as it is now.

With MyDoctorsChart, I’m very much in comfort, it’s web based and I can see my patients anywhere anytime.  Sometimes, patients call us at night, and I very comfortably access patient’s data from my home and advise accordingly to the patients.  The data is safe, documented more accurately and we can approach it more efficiently.

The system allows you fast access to any query you require. You can set reminder for yourself with Alert option, and it saves both patients’ and provider’s time. The challenges of communication have become much simpler with EHR like, of transferring information of patient’s charts, insurance information, of billing.

I don’t have to fax to pharmacy, it’s done right from the computer, … pre appointments with scheduler has worked marvelously high for me. I can see more patients with EHR on daily basis, we have routine follow up appointments, we keep the schedules, so it’s an added service to my patients and I am satisfied with it.

It is conforming more to the standard of care options as in pain management, lots of patients get opioid medication, we can keep a record and track these more efficiently.  The billing has become simpler, and standardized, and it has reduced my staff that has saved my time and money. No doubt, patient care is enhanced with MyDoctorsChart.