Dr. Mahmood Ahmad

I’m Dr Ahmad, a pain doctor herein Little Rock, Arkansas. I have my practice as United Pain Care. Since 2005, I am using EMR and converted my medical practice from paper to paperless chart system.

There are certainly numerous EHR systems available, but the most important matter to me is that it is a web-based system. I am very satisfied with MyDoctorsChart as I do not have to worry about backup and local server issues.

I’m able to send prescriptions to pharmacy with few clicks, can give detailed knowledge for patient satisfaction through patient education. It is very challenging for a doctor to meet the needs of every patient and you cannot spend all your time in your office.

With MyDoctorsChart, we can keep the track of whole patient record inclusive of laboratory testing, medication, allergies, social history. And it is important to mention, patient diagnosis is available inclusive of all vital signs of each visit.

It was not possible to track all things for all patients without EHR. The system is so user-friendly, that I do not even feel the need to call Technical Support. Besides other pluses, it charges us much lesser than other EHR. In-short, it has emerged as a blessing in our hectic routines making our lives much easier …